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Our guidelines were developed to ensure all West Point Estates residential buildings, outbuildings, and properties meet standard criteria of the Developer, while allowing design flexibility and creativity as part of our lakeside community.

General Architectural Guidelines for West Point Estates

The architectural review process by the Developer will be conducted expeditiously and fairly.  It shall generally comprise the following steps:

-preparation of supplementary design documents

-model review and approval

-monitoring of compliance

These guidelines and their interpretation by the Developer are intended to provide sufficient flexibility to encourage design creativity and innovation.  Proposed designs which are not in total compliance with guidelines, will be considered by the Developer, based on their merits and maybe be approved where the spirit and intent of the guidelines is maintained.

1.0  Orientation Meeting

-Prior to the review of housing designs, a meeting shall occur between the Developer and the builder/owner to discuss the design vision for the new development, the purpose of this meeting is to encourage dialogue on the expectations of each stakeholder and to ensure the design objectives are being appropriately fulfilled.  The meeting should cover the following subjects:

-Proposed Architecture

-Proposed Landscaping

-Proposed final site grades

2.0  Preliminary Review

-Preliminary model design sketches which are in conformity with these guidelines and which demonstrate sufficient design quality, variety and the use of appropriate exterior material will be submitted for approval.

3.0  Final Review and Approval

-Working drawing must depict exactly what the builder intended to construct

-all exterior details and material must be clearly shown on the drawings

4.0  Building Requirements

-The main building constructed on each lot shall have an area of not less the 1600sq./ft. for a bungalow and 2100 sq./ft. for a two-storey dwelling, exclusive of one storey porches, garages and basements.

-completion of construction of any resident must be within one (1) year from the date of commencement of construction.

Exterior Materials:

-Exterior building material shall include brick or stone

-Exterior building material should include a wood feature

-Screen porches, exterior wood railings and lattice work will be required to be stained or painted

Roof Pitches and Materials:

-Minimum primary roof pitch shall be at least 9/12 (exceptions will be granted for porches and dormers)

-All roofs will be requirement to use Architectural (dimensional) roof shingles

Detached Buildings & Structures:

-All detached accessory building, garages or utility buildings shall adhere to the same guidelines as the Main building

5.0  Landscaping:

-No substantial changes in elevation of the land shall be made without the developer’s approval and conform to ALL Parkland county and Alberta Government regulations

-Silt fences & barriers will be required to avoid sediment run-off onto street or adjacent properties

-Grading of lots or changing of existing contours shall not interfere with the drainage pattern of the property

-A one hundred and eighty (180) day time limit for the complete implementation of landscaping from the date of closing, completion of construction or moving in of homeowner

6.0  Temporary Structures:

-No modular trailers/ mobile homes or RTM’s will be allowed

-Holiday trailers or Motor Homes 4 years or newer and in good repair will be allowed as a temporary accommodation

7.0  Fees, Deposits & Penalties:

  • Plan must be submitted within 30 days of planned construction
  • Any damages to the street, curbs, drainage, inlets, street markers, etc. is the sole responsibility of the contractor/owner.  If the damage is not repaired within 10 days of notice, or sooner if deemed necessary by the County, it will be repaired by West Point Estates Subdivision.  The cost for the repair will be billed to the homeowner at the cost plus 20%.
  • Penalties:  In the event of a violation of the building guidelines, West Point estates may seek any and all legal or equitable remedies available.  West Point Estates can assess a fine of $50.00 per day against the owner for each event of non-compliance or violations