Considering premium lake lots? Save $10,000 on a lot purchase this fall!

Save $10,000 on a lot purchase this fall!

Phase 1 West Point Estates Lake Lot Details

Please refer to the table below for information on lake lot sizes and pricing. Please note all lot availability and pricing is subject to change.

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Lake Lots Alberta-West Point Estates Lot Plan

The lake lot reference guide below will be updated periodically but please contact us to confirm pricing and availability of lots. All lots are over 1 acre with majority of the lake lots being lakefront, and limited off-lake lots. All lake lots at Jackfish lake West Point Estates have services run to each lot.

West Point Estates Jackfish Lake Lots Alberta For Sale
Lake Lots Available In Alberta

Lake Lots

Secure your West Point Estates lot at Jackfish Lake. We are now pre-selling phase one lots for development in summer 2019. Contact us with any questions or download our full info kit. Lot availability may change without notice.